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Help Us Transform the New Pinwheel Place 

Over the past few years we have seen our program grow and have seen what the needs of the families and children in the community are. That is why we are so excited to move into our new home  and meet the educational, environmental, and emotional needs of the children and families we serve! Our job is to keep families safe, healthy and connected. 

The Building Better Tomorrows campaign will be a partnership with local business, local government and friends and supporters to raise the funds necessary for renovation supplies and other costs. The campaign will also support our programs and services so we can take ultimate advantage of the new home . 

Caring for Children. Strengthening Families. Transforming Communities.

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About The New Home 

Pinwheel Place's new home will be a safe place for children to play learn and thrive . 

Why Now?

As we expanded our services during the pandemic and we learned the needs of the community are more expansive, it was time for a larger space . 

How Can I Help?

Your investment in Pinwheel Place transforms the children's lives and our community now and in the future!

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Welcome to Pinwheel Place 

Pinwheel Place's new home will have a comforting home like feel and will include :

  • designated spaces for preschool age and infant- toddlers 

  • private offices for parent meetings and wrap around services 

  • space for extended programs such as a pop in mommy and me play groups 

  • outside fenced in play space 

  • a security system 

  • storage space for our basic needs program and future pop up baby pantry 

  • also benefits for clients such as access to public transportation, and a community park within walking distance 

Our anticipated move in date is late summer 2023

So families 
have somewhere to turn to

  •  99% of clients we serve come from low income families 

  • 85% of the families were experiencing  homelessness

  • 100% were experiencing high levels of stress 

  •  We saw an increase need for childcare for an extended period of time 

As the need for our services increases an expanded and better equipped home is even more urgent 

So why does it matter ? 

We have the ability to lay the foundation for the next generation. Positive childhood experiences build healthy families and strong communities. If children suffer from Adverse Childhood Experiences such as abuse and neglect it can cause high levels of stress which dramatically changes how the brain develops and can have lifetime physical and emotional affects. If we support families we can prevent or even reverse the damaging effects of early life stress.Safe, stable, nurturing relationships allow healthy brain development and life long learning and success.

Smiling Baby

How Can I Help?

Each day is an opportunity to build the foundation for our future. We all have a role to play as healthy partners in our communities. Your contribution to the Building Better Tomorrows campaign helps Pinwheel Place save and transform lives. It gives us the ability to meet the growing needs of our community and with your compassion and support we can build better tomorrows today!  For more information on how you can transform lives check out the sponsorship information below or click to find out about our adopt a room program or contact us to learn more.

Building Better Tomorrows Sponsorship 

Pinwheel Place (7).png
Pinwheel Place (7).png

Are you looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community? Look no further than Pinwheel Place's Building Better Tomorrows Sponsorship Opportunities!

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By becoming a sponsor, you will not only be supporting a vital organization dedicated to providing emergency care for children in crisis, but you will also receive recognition for your generosity. Pinwheel Place provides a safe and nurturing environment for children whose families are facing a crisis such as homelessness, domestic violence, or medical emergencies. Pinwheel Place also provides basic needs such as diapers, clothes and baby supplies to those in our community in need. Your sponsorship will help provide the range of services needed for each child.

We rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses like yours to support our mission and continue providing critical care to children in need. By becoming a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of these vulnerable children and their families.

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