I can't wait until all children have sweet dreams!

Imagine camping and waking up hearing a bear outside your tent. What do you imagine happens to your body? More than likely your heart rate will speed up, you will start sweating and you definitely will go into fight, flight or freeze response. When this happens your body sends out adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones . Now imagine you are a child and that bear comes home every night! You live in a constant state of heightened awareness and your body never has a chance to calm down. Physically and emotionally that takes it’s toll. Studies have even shown that it changes the DNA in children and affects their brain development. Pinwheel Place will allow children to have a place that they know they are safe allowing them finally to feel calm. We will also work with children on self-regulation allowing them to have tools or coping mechanisms to help them deal with future stress.  

Listen to one of our volunteers speak about why she decided to join Pinwheel Place. To learn more about Pinwheel Place click here.