The Road to Pinwheel Place Pt.3

Whenever you travel you must research your destination, so in thinking about Pinwheel Place and researching we found out about a place called Angels Wings. Angels Wings was a residential home in New Jersey for young children whose parents were unable to care for them. In further research we found out that it is no longer in existence but it’s parent organization Anchor House is still found in Trenton. Anchor House is a transitional home for adolescent youth. We decided to make our next stop the Anchor House to find out about their agency as well as find out what happened to Angel’s Wings.

The staff at Anchor House were very welcoming and very open to sharing their mission. They are very passionate about helping the youths transition into returning home or a more stable placement. They provide emergency housing, food, clothing and hope for runaway and homeless youth ages 10-17. They provide immediate help to youth while looking to reunite them with their families . They also provide counseling for the youth and a crisis hot line. We were very impressed with the services offered. They even had a nutritionist work on healthy meals for the youth and local businesses provided meals as well. What they told us about Angel’s Wings is that it closed due to lack of funding from the state. They and the volunteers were confident that the need for these children was still present and were very intrigued by our desire to open a preventative home for children that was privately funded. What we found to be helpful and hopeful is that Angel’s Wings was originally staffed pretty much with volunteers who often became foster parents themselves which helped the community understand first hand the struggles these children face. Their program grew as they realized the children’s problems were much more complex than just needing shelter. They provided therapy right in the home as well as Social Workers working within the families.

It is always interesting and helpful to see what other services other agencies are providing as well as what they believe our communities still need in the long run. Thank you to the Anchor House for opening up your home and sharing your knowledge and passion for your mission with us and being the house where healing begins.

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