We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone!

On my road to Pinwheel Place many people have asked me why I am on this journey? For me that is a strange question because when you think of the at -risk children we will serve and what they go through or went through on any given day how can you not want to do something? That being said, when I originally went to Casa de Esperanza in Houston my answer to that question was that I was blessed with two loving parents and I had a wonderful childhood and I just wanted to give back to children who weren’t that fortunate. Very simple. I guess now my answer is that and more. I have a daughter and I can’t imagine her living through what some of these children live through, it pains my heart. Also as a parent, I realize how hard it it is to be a parent under normal circumstances but not everyone is so lucky to live in “normal”. Some people travel along bumpier roads in life with lots of road blocks. That adds layers to what I want to accomplish. I think it also makes me ask more “why’s” and makes me think more globally what can we do as people in a community to help our children and their families because we can’t sit by and do nothing. We can’t close our eyes to their pain and think that it happens somewhere else, because every day it happens here in New Jersey, here in Monmouth County.

My desire to help when I was younger was as I said very simple. I just wanted children to have a loving, happy childhood. I now know that simple desire can have profound impacts. Back then the impact that was desired was stopping the cycle of child abuse. We were told that if the children learned there was “another way” and if they received counseling that that would have an effect on how they parented their own children and it would stop that cycle of child abuse in their own families! We of course wanted that for the children and the future generations. How could you not? Now thinking about it we need to want so much more. We need to prevent the trauma from occurring if at all possible. There are too many reasons why to mention in this chapter but I will in future ones, it is after all why we are on this journey together. Curious though, if people asked you why what would you answer?

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