Why I Volunteer?

The reason that volunteering is important to me might sound a bit different because it doesn’t come from a compassionate place, a word that is used to often describe volunteers. No, my reason is much more selfish some might say. I volunteer for myself. Yes, it might seem selfish to some, however, it is a reason to do a good thing—give back.

Day to day life, especially if you have chosen a career in the corporate world, can be so mind numbly, monotonous if you let it. Getting up out of bed before the sun is up, making the commute, having to sum up the energy to walk into a building that you clearly don’t want to be in for the remainder of your day, working all day to only have to work all day the next day, get home after dark, and for what? To make someone else money for reasons that you aren’t entirely sure on yourself. What do we do here? Is it worth any of this? Is this multi-million-dollar international company really doing anything GOOD? Unfortunately, this is where a lot of Americans are, including myself, however volunteering can be the one thing that can fill the void that day to day work life can create. I know that I am doing something good when I volunteer and I know that it isn’t for a vain reason. I know that something good is going to come from this and it could possibly be life changing. Now, I am not trying to over sell myself, truth is I could volunteer more, but what I do and what I have done has been so rewarding.

The truth is that life is about balance. I do not believe in the phrase “work- life balance” because it is all life. The key is to balance everything within life, with balance comes happiness. Think of a hobby that you love, something that you look forward to doing in stressful times- playing golf, yoga, chainsaw wood art, recording yourself lip singing popular songs for your YouTube channel whatever your hobby is, weird or not. Now, think if you had to do that hobby all the time, I mean 100% percent of the time. When you weren’t sleeping, or eating you were doing your favorite hobby. You would grow to HATE it. At first it would sound amazing because you’re getting to do your favorite thing, then you would slowly start to think about other aspects of your life that you are neglecting, hmmm…kind of sounds like addiction. Finally, your once cherished hobby would mean nothing to you. After devoting so much time and effort it would turn into something that you constantly dread.

That is why you need balance. Balance gives us positive and negative experiences. It gives outlets for creativity, love, compassion, and an ability to be unique, if that is something that is important to you. That is what volunteering is for me. It is my outlet, the time that I get to use my skills to help with causes that are important to me. The more I volunteer, the more I realize that maybe walking into that building that I was dreading going in, isn’t so bad after all. I’m lucky to have that bed that I rolled out of- and lucky to know it will be there at the end of the day. I’m lucky to have that car that got me to work safely and lucky to have a job that sometimes I dread. There are some in the world that would see all the good in my life where I so often complain or see burdens. Individuals like that deserve to have a life that they can later complain about too. They deserve to have a good life even if that means needing a helping hand. That is why I volunteer.


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