How YOU stop the cycle of Abuse: A blog post dedicated to our donors and patrons.

Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”? Coming from a big Puerto Rican family it was.always one I could relate to. I had Titis and Tios (Aunts and Uncles), cousins, and second-cousins, grandparents and friends of the family I could always rely on for advice, to show up to my softball games, hit the mall or grab a bite to eat with. These people in my life were always there supporting me- but also working behind the scenes. Supporting my parents and my parents were supporting them- it was a sort of fluid system that kept us all happy and healthy. As an adult, I have come to realize that this system I was used to as a child and adolescent is more than just support- it is sustainability. This is how we survive and thrive as a species.

As a donor and patron of Pinwheel Place- you are our village! You are the behind the scenes sustainability warriors who are there silently for every challenge and accomplishment of growing Pinwheel Place, even if you do not realize it! You are the support and the system that keeps Pinwheel Place a happy, healthy organization. YOU stop the cycle of abuse in our community.You are the reason we can plan and host fundraisers, and you spread our name and mission every time you attend an event or share our posts. For this, we thank you! We are so grateful for the time and support you all provide, and we know in today’s world of a thousand spam emails a day or constant Facebook ads that it can be overwhelming. Everyone seems to have a good cause to share, but remember this, YOU are our village and without YOU we cannot raise these children.

Before I end this blog post, I must do my job here and write a shameless plug about our next event of course! Sweet Tease Tea Room in Belmar has become our latest patron and is partnering with us to have a “Tea by the Sea” fundraiser in support of Pinwheel Place! I have limited tickets available (22 as of this post) so please do not wait! Tickets are on sale only until June 16th on

As always if anybody has ideas, partnership opportunities, or wants to be a part of our growing village- send me an email! I am always more than willing to meet up and chat over coffee or phone conference to help YOU stop the cycle of abuse in OUR communities.

Christina Gibson Davies [email protected]

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