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As Pinwheel Place gets ready to open its doors to the families in our community in need I want to take some time to reflect on what that means. The symbolism of a door opening to us, is one of exciting new potential. How perfect is that for what we hope to accomplish with Pinwheel Place? Opening the doors to our community will mean opening doors of opportunities for families and a fresh start during a difficult time. It means opening doors to children of a stronger family and a brighter future. We will let families know someone cares and show them that they have somewhere to turn in their darkest moments when they feel like no one can help them. We will let them know that asking for help is a sign of strength not something to be ashamed of. We will open doors to other resources and help them navigate the sometimes overwhelming process of finding services that can help their family. We will show them the many services that are already in place that they may not have known about previously which will again hopefully make them feel less alone .

It also means we will open doors for education on Adverse Childhood Experiences both for parents and for our community and how we can use that knowledge to create a safer, more understanding community . We also will open up doors to everyone and anyone who has a passion to make a difference in a child’s life, who wants to show a mother who is at her wits end, who doesn’t think she can make it through another day like this, that we are here and we are willing to help her in any way that we can. We know that it hard to find volunteer positions that work with everyone’s busy schedule which is why our schedule will be more flexible, we only ask that you give up a few hours a week of your time to help truly make an impact in someone’s life . We will be opening doors for service opportunities for young people which allows them a different perspective. We believe that it very important to teach children early to give back and know how difficult it can be to find places for young people to volunteer.

Lastly we are opening our doors to ideas for future growth and plans that allow us to accomplish great things for our community together. So join us, our doors are open!

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