What We Do

Relief Nursery Program


Pinwheel Place provides a safe haven for children in crisis. We  provide residential care and coordinate social services for families and children in our program. We  service children from birth to six years of age who are referred from local agencies or by their parents. Most groups working with those in crisis realize that the devastation resulting from these factors impacts individuals, families and often whole communities for generations. Food insecurity, homelessness, inability to access health services and threats of emotional trauma are moment to moment concerns. If we are to help children deal with these issues we need to know that any kind of development will not happen while you are still in crisis, so for any intervention to be effective it has to address safety and well being first.  A plan of service will be developed for both the child and the parents. We will work with local agencies to provide services for the parents so they can reduce the risk factors that could cause the abuse and neglect in the future. 

Our Impact


The children will no longer worry where their next meal is coming from or when the next fight will happen,  a child who is sick will get care. All of these things will have a profound impact on the child as will experiencing a loving home. Hunger, hurt, and fear will be replaced by relief, security and a reminder that there is good in the world, people who care and a reason to hope. Their early life experiences can leave them with reduced abilities to control their behaviors, difficulties in the ability to form relationships, and deficits in social functioning. Their reduced anxiety will also allow them to focus on the developmental tasks of childhood which will  have a major impact on them as well as the community as a whole.

Internship/Volunteer Program


To accomplish our goals we will have an internship program, bringing recent college graduates and other qualified young adults to commit to working a year (for a stipend) in caring for at risk children in our residential program. These young adults will come from agencies such as the Catholic Volunteer Network as well as college recruitment. The children in our residential program will require a loving environment and close supervision. The interns will both live and work in the home and will function as parents and role models for the young children. 

We have community volunteers to help us with various projects, provide meals, give respite, organize activities and be role models as well.

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A home for children at risk of abuse or neglect

A 501(c) 3 non-profit organization

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