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Pinwheel Place_ NJ's only Relief nursery

Take a peek at Pinwheel Place

Pinwheel Place offers licensed emergency and respite child-care completely free to families in need.  Our services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and are completely confidential and judgement free. Our childcare staff is all trained in trauma-informed care, CPR and have completed a background check & fingerprinting process. All volunteers attend in-house training and complete background & fingerprinting checks as well.


Stays can be from a few hours long to a few days at a time- simply call for availability 732-542-1026.  Some reasons you may need our services:

  • loss of child care (or lapse in current childcare)

  • job interviews

  • housing problems

  • medical or mental health emergencies

  • birth of a new child

  • entering a drug or alcohol treatment program

  • court visits 

  • unsafe circumstances in your family unit

  • respite care- if you are simply feeling overwhelmed and need time for yourself


We work with each individual family to determine how we can best serve your needs. You may be asked to bring relevant paperwork such as immunization record, ID, children’s insurance (when applicable). Each family will be given a codeword used for the release of children which

helps us ensure their safety.    

"The Pinwheel Place is the BEST! They helped me for the first time back in October 2020 (when I was basically homeless) and I am so so grateful for all the services they offer and provided (& continue to do so) for my daughter and I. The staff members are so loving and caring with my daughter. She loves her Pinwheel friends!!! I highly recommend The Pinwheel Place to all mommas! Especially if you need a few hours to regain your sanity or even if you need to work and/or have appointments you need to go to. I absolutely LOVE this place" 🥰💜

                       A quote from a mom

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