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Imagine Their Stories

Families like the ones below are the families that you  help with your donations. You changed their story. 


My name is Anna, and I want to share with you the incredible journey my son and I embarked on with the help of Pinwheel Place. Life had been tough for me as a single mother, especially when health issues began to take a toll on me. My one-year-old son, my precious little boy, had not yet learned to walk, and my older children tried their best to console him by carrying him around. But I knew he needed more support and encouragement to develop his motor skills properly.

Things took a turn for the worse when I had to undergo brain surgery. The recovery was challenging, and I found myself unable to care for my son during this critical phase of his growth and development. It was a distressing situation, and I felt helpless.

Desperate for support, I reached out to Pinwheel Place, hoping they could offer the nurturing care my son needed during this difficult time. I had heard about their compassionate approach to childcare and felt it could be the perfect place for my little boy.

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Building A Better Future

He is my world, my heart. When he was two years old, we were homeless, living with seemingly unbearable uncertainty.  I was a single mother trying to hold life together with my young autistic son.

To give me a glimmer of hope, an agency found us housing and a job. My employer had me work from home during the trying times of the pandemic. This provided a brief respite from my seemingly never-ending concern of finding proper childcare for my special needs son.

Yet, soon enough, as my employer reopened their doors, I faced that painful obstacle - finding proper childcare for my special needs son. The battle to secure a safe place for him seemed insurmountable, as daycares turned us away, unable to meet his unique needs.  And the one that accepted him soon turned him out because of his disability. It was a race against time. I knew that without immediate childcare, I risked losing my job: our only way forward.

I frantically reached out to every possible solution until I stumbled upon Pinwheel Place. With a trembling voice, I poured out our desperate situation, praying that Pinwheel Place could be our savior. Could they take in my son? Would they be able to provide the care and support he so desperately needed? I remember holding my breath as I  anxiously awaited their response. 

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Finding Hope in a New Land

As an immigrant, my journey to the United States was driven by a desperate need to escape a painful domestic violence situation. When I set out, I knew my journey would be far from easy as a pregnant, single mother with a little girl in tow. Homeless, jobless, and with no friends or family to lean on, my situation was overwhelming.

Yet, I persevered, seeking assistance from various agencies for housing, healthcare, and support. But when the time came to go into the hospital to have my baby, I faced a daunting dilemma - who would care for my little girl? With no one to turn to, I felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness, not knowing where to find the love and protection she needed.

I knew I only had a few days left when a glimmer of hope emerged. One of the immigration agencies managed to find Pinwheel Place. Pinwheel Place offered to take care of my little girl while I was in the hospital, a gesture of kindness that brought tears of relief to my eyes. As I entrusted my precious child to their care, I felt a mix of gratitude and anxiety, praying that she would find comfort in this new place.

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Through the eyes of a child:

I was almost three years old when everything changed. My little sister Nina had just turned one, and since her birthday, our lives had taken a drastic turn. We had to leave our old home, and my mom said we had to move to a place she called a "hotel." But it wasn't like any hotel I had seen before. It was so small with no space for me to play. I missed my old toys and running around.

I didn't see my dad after the night that we arrived at the hotel. I still remember him yelling and being scary towards my mom. Even though this new place felt safer, I missed my old home. Mom told me we were going to Pinwheel Place, a fun-sounding place where I could play while she  went back to school so we could afford to get a bigger space.

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Using a Touch Phone

How We Met

My name is Emily, and I want to tell you the story of how my mom, Sarah, and I found hope and support in the most unexpected place. It all started during a time when life seemed dark and uncertain.

My mom was a strong and caring woman, but life had dealt her some tough cards. She was a single mother, and the loss of my sibling took a heavy toll on her. Depression engulfed her, and she struggled to find stable work, which led to us facing homelessness. But in the midst of our hardships, she reached out for help.

One day, she poured her heart out on Facebook, sharing our struggles and asking for assistance. That post caught the attention of the Pinwheel community, a group of amazing people dedicated to helping children in need. Their compassionate intervention would change our lives forever.

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