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Imagine Their Stories

Children like Lilly are the children that you can help with your donations. You can change their lives. Imagine:


Meet Lilly. Lilly's mom and dad fight a lot. Mom will put her to bed after dinner because she thinks Lilly won't hear them. Dad loses his temper sometimes and one night he was hitting mom and yelling at her. Lilly was very scared and sat crying in her room! The next morning mom took her to a home that had bubbles called Pinwheel Place. She liked bubbles.  She stayed there a little while until mom found them a new place to live, a safe place. Mom was sad though and cried a lot. It all became too much for her. Lilly's mom brought her back to the home and she stayed there with her friends again and played bubbles while her mom got stronger for the both of them. She was ok though because she knew she would be safe and that they would help her mom. She was right and after a little while she got to go home again. Now she and her mom play with bubbles and read stories after dinner in their  new home. She doesn't go to bed early. They smile a lot and are very grateful that they found their friends at Pinwheel Place.

Meet Sophie. Sophie is five. Her dad has just lost his job and their lives have turned upside down. Sophie is a bright little girl, she knows something is wrong. Her mom and dad are very upset. They talk about living in a car. Sophie tries to picture what that would be like but then they called a place like Pinwheel Place for help. She and her brother slept over, played games all day and made lots of new friends. While she was there her mom and dad found them a new place to live and are happier than ever. She wants to say thanks for helping them. She said she and her parents learned everyone needs to ask for help sometimes.

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