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Imagine Their Stories

Families like the ones below are the families that you  help with your donations. You changed their story. 


My name is Anna, and I want to share with you the incredible journey my son and I embarked on with the help of Pinwheel Place. Life had been tough for me as a single mother, especially when health issues began to take a toll on me. My one-year-old son, my precious little boy, had not yet learned to walk, and my older children tried their best to console him by carrying him around. But I knew he needed more support and encouragement to develop his motor skills properly.

Things took a turn for the worse when I had to undergo brain surgery. The recovery was challenging, and I found myself unable to care for my son during this critical phase of his growth and development. It was a distressing situation, and I felt helpless.

Desperate for support, I reached out to Pinwheel Place, hoping they could offer the nurturing care my son needed during this difficult time. I had heard about their compassionate approach to childcare and felt it could be the perfect place for my little boy.






When we arrived at Pinwheel Place, I was immediately struck by the warm and supportive environment. The staff welcomed us with open arms, and I knew my son would be in good hands. For over two months, Pinwheel Place became his haven of care while I focused on my healing journey.


Under the loving guidance of the staff, my son began to take his first steps. It was a momentous milestone, and I felt so proud watching him grow and learn. The safe and engaging space at Pinwheel Place allowed him to explore and play, and his resilience shone through as he embraced every challenge.

Pinwheel Place provided an enchanting environment for my son to explore the wonders of the world around him. From pinwheels to bubbles, he delighted in the simple joys of childhood. The staff made sure he had ample opportunities to interact with other children, fostering his social skills and confidence.


During my visits to Pinwheel Place, I witnessed my son's laughter and playfulness, which brought so much joy to my heart. Knowing he was thriving under their care reassured me and lifted the weight of guilt I had carried about not being able to care for him fully during my recovery.


As I gradually healed, Pinwheel Place continued to be a sanctuary for my son. The regular interactions with the staff and other children nurtured his independence and self-assurance. I saw him grow and transform, and it filled me with immense gratitude for the love and care he received.



I can't express enough how grateful I am to Pinwheel Place for the profound impact they had on both my son and me. Their dedication to nurturing his growth and providing respite for me during my recovery was truly a blessing. Without their support, I don't know how we would have managed during that challenging period.

Chapter 9: Embracing Resilience

Our journey with Pinwheel Place taught us the transformative power of compassion and care during times of vulnerability. Together, we embraced the challenges with grace and resilience, growing stronger through each step of the way.


Today, my son continues to thrive, and I see a bright future ahead for both of us. Pinwheel Place's love and encouragement ignited a spark in his journey towards independence, leaving an indelible impact on my heart. Our shared healing journey was made possible because of the incredible support we received from the compassionate souls at Pinwheel Place.

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