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Pinwheel Garden  


April is child abuse prevention month, which makes it the perfect time to spread awareness by planting a pinwheel garden in your community. Pinwheels are the national symbol for child abuse prevention. Pinwheels represent the joys of childhood that every child deserves to have.


Details on how to lead a pinwheel garden fundraiser :


  • Contact us to order your pinwheels at Estimate how many you will need and then we will get them to you. If you don’t use all of them we ask that you kindly return them to us after your event.


  • Choose where you are planting the pinwheels (remember April is still cold) and get permission to do so.


  • Pick a date and publicize, publicize, publicize!


  • Decide on how long you would like the pinwheels to stay in the garden.


  • Make a sign for the garden - get creative!


  • Have people sponsor or purchase the pinwheels we provided for five dollars (decide before the date)- donation going to Pinwheel Place. If they are purchasing, plan how to return their pinwheel to them.


  • Have fun planting!!



  • Combine with another fundraiser such as a bake sale. If you like, we could also provide brochures on Pinwheel Place.


Thank you for planting a pinwheel garden and raising awareness for both the prevention of child abuse as well as Pinwheel Place and our mission!

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