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Welcome to our birthday page! Are you one of those people that dream of having the best birthday every year?  Are you someone who remembers the joy of counting how many sleeps until it was your birthday when you were a child and want to feel that joy again? Are you someone who would love to see your birthday really matter? 


Sure, a birthday is a time to celebrate you, your birth, and your life, but perhaps this year, you can celebrate your life by helping a child have a better one. Use your birthday to inspire those who love you most to share their love with Pinwheel Place. Pinwheel Place believes every child deserves a great childhood and so we are here to help children at-risk and to provide them with care to ensure that they feel the joy all children should feel and what better way to help than with birthdays?

Imagine it. Rather than filling your closet with more clothes or shoes or spending money on excessive libations and meals, you could ensure that a child has a safe place to stay while their caregivers get the help they need. Imagine how good you will feel and you get to pass on that wonderful feeling to your friends when they donate. It is a win win. Because, let's be honest if you really want those clothes or that meal, you will get them anyway.. with or without the birthday money. 

It is really very simple to do, you can set-up an online fundraiser. We suggest two user friendly platforms that can help spread the word about your fundraiser and begin collecting donations. They collect a nominal fee. You can set one up right on Facebook. Yes, Facebook, all your friends are there anyway!! Facebook has created an easy-to-use fundraising campaign creator in order for you to collect donations on behalf of a charity. Once your campaign is done they will even send the check directly to us. Easy as eating birthday cake!


The other one is CrowdRise. CrowdRise provides an easy-to-setup online fundraising website which you can link directly to your social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, to spread the word. They’ll also collect and disperse all funds raised to Pinwheel Place. Again as easy as eating ice cream!

The first thing you need to do is set a goal. It can even be your age like asking everyone to donate 29 dollars, all my friends seem to be 29!! Next you need to spread the word and explain why you want to help Pinwheel Place. The more personal the better. You can share our mission and why it is important to you then start sharing. If you have done a campaign page make sure you share the link. Send weekly reminders and have fun with it. Most importantly don't forget to thank your donors and tell them how their donation will make a difference. Here is an example of a Facebook post you can use:

(Remember social media posts are much more powerful when they have an image.)  “This year I’ve decided to do my part in the fight against child abuse and neglect by pledging my birthday to @PinwheelPlace. Every day, nearly 5 children die as a result of abuse and that’s #FIVETOOMANY. Help me reach my goal of $XXX by donating to my Pinwheel Place Birthday Fundraiser!” Please feel free to use this image.

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