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Family Time
Pinwheel Place_ NJ's only Relief nursery

Childcare Volunteer- A childcare volunteer is willing to volunteer a few hours a week and have direct care of the children. Typical activities would be playing with the children and helping the houseparent

       Group Volunteer-  Groups are welcome to come in and do service projects such as gardening, organizing, planning events for the children such as egg hunts, crafts etc..
* Please note that COVID restrictions apply to Group Volunteer Activities until further notice*

Little Girl with Christmas Present

  Fairy Godparent Program-Be that special person in a child's life. Don't have time to come weekly but would like to be personally involved with a child, be their fairy godparent. You can help a child by providing unmet needs like warm clothing, as well as special treats such as for birthdays.

Running Event or Marathon

 Fundraising- Crowd funding, birthday donations, bake sales, sporting events, potluck dinners. The sky is the limit!

Working Together

Pro Bono/ Special Projects- Public speaking, grant writing, marketing, videography, web design, office work, fundraising. Put your special talents to work!

Donating Money

Donations- We accept monetary donations as well as in kind donations

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