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Family Time
Pinwheel Place_ NJ's only Relief nursery

Childcare Volunteer- A childcare volunteer is willing to volunteer a few hours a week and have direct care of the children. Typical activities would be playing with the children and helping the houseparent

       Group Volunteer-  Groups are welcome to come in and do service projects such as gardening, organizing, planning events for the children such as egg hunts, crafts etc..

Little Girl with Christmas Present

  Fairy Godparent Program-Be that special person in a child's life. Don't have time to come weekly but would like to be personally involved with a child, be their fairy godparent. You can help a child by providing unmet needs like warm clothing, as well as special treats such as for birthdays.

Running Event or Marathon

 Fundraising- Crowd funding, birthday donations, bake sales, sporting events, potluck dinners. The sky is the limit!

Working Together

Pro Bono/ Special Projects- Public speaking, grant writing, marketing, videography, web design, office work, fundraising. Put your special talents to work!

Donating Money

Donations- We accept monetary donations as well as in kind donations

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