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Pinwheel Place_ NJ's only Relief nursery

Are you a member of a book club, a woman’s group, a religious organization, etc. that is looking to start a shared community project that gives back? How about creating a welcome basket for the littlest and newest members of our community? You could even go as far as making a baby shower themed event. Be creative and have fun with it.


This program helps families with children on the way who are in need of baby supplies.  As we all know being a parent of a newborn is stressful and having to worry about not having the necessary supplies can bring on added stress. Many families don’t have that “village” that can support them or throw them that baby shower where they get their much-needed items. Let us welcome our newest community members in the kindest way possible and make sure they get the best start in life by supporting their families.

Things to go in baskets:

  • bottles (infants)

  • bibs

  • baby wash

  • pacifiers

  • baby baths

  • baby towels

  • baby toys such as rattles, teethers etc.

  • diapers (size NB or one generally)

  • could also include baby hats, diaper bag, newborn clothes 

  • any baby item you think someone might need

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