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Imagine Their Stories

Families like the ones below are the families that you  help with your donations. You changed their story. 

Finding Hope in a New Land

As an immigrant, my journey to the United States was driven by a desperate need to escape a painful domestic violence situation. When I set out, I knew my journey would be far from easy as a pregnant, single mother with a little girl in tow. Homeless, jobless, and with no friends or family to lean on, my situation was overwhelming.

Yet, I persevered, seeking assistance from various agencies for housing, healthcare, and support. But when the time came to go into the hospital to have my baby, I faced a daunting dilemma - who would care for my little girl? With no one to turn to, I felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness, not knowing where to find the love and protection she needed.

I knew I only had a few days left when a glimmer of hope emerged. One of the immigration agencies managed to find Pinwheel Place. Pinwheel Place offered to take care of my little girl while I was in the hospital, a gesture of kindness that brought tears of relief to my eyes. As I entrusted my precious child to their care, I felt a mix of gratitude and anxiety, praying that she would find comfort in this new place.

Pinwheel Place embraced my little girl with open arms, providing her with the love, attention, and essential items she needed. From clothes to books and hugs and a comfortable bed, they ensured she lacked nothing during my absence. Their constant support and updates were a lifeline for me, easing my worries during such a vulnerable time.

As I lay in the hospital, awaiting the arrival of my new baby, the separation from my little girl weighed heavily on my heart. I called incessantly, needing to hear her voice, to know she was okay. Pinwheel Place became our family during this trying period, a source of comfort that bridged the gap when I couldn't be with her.

My little girl, though missing me, found solace in the warm walks and the delightful tunes of Baby Shark at Pinwheel Place. Her babbles were a reminder of the new world she was navigating, and I treasured the updates that told me she was adjusting well.

Thanksgiving came while she was with Pinwheel Place, and my heart swelled with joy as she celebrated her first American Thanksgiving. I was astonished at how much she enjoyed the food, and I couldn't help but smile, even from a distance, knowing she was in good hands.

The days turned into weeks, and Pinwheel Place continued to support both my little girl and me. They provided diapers, formula, and even groceries when needed, never hesitating to extend a helping hand. They became the listening ears and caring friends I desperately needed, as a single mother trying to make a life in a new land.

With their guidance, my little girl got into daycare, and I began working with a lawyer to pave the way for a brighter future. The challenges were still present, but the love and support of Pinwheel Place gave me the strength to keep moving forward.

Even today, they remain a vital part of our lives. I constantly send updates and pictures as small tokens of my gratitude. Pinwheel Place offers me a sense of belonging and is the family I need to support me through the hardships of immigration as a single mother. Our journey is far from over, but with Pinwheel Place by our side, we will face each hurdle with hope and courage.

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