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Imagine Their Stories

Families like the ones below are the families that you  help with your donations. You changed their story. 

Building A Better Future

He is my world, my heart. When he was two years old, we were homeless, living with seemingly unbearable uncertainty.  I was a single mother trying to hold life together with my young autistic son.

To give me a glimmer of hope, an agency found us housing and a job. My employer had me work from home during the trying times of the pandemic. This provided a brief respite from my seemingly never-ending concern of finding proper childcare for my special needs son.

Yet, soon enough, as my employer reopened their doors, I faced that painful obstacle - finding proper childcare for my special needs son. The battle to secure a safe place for him seemed insurmountable, as daycares turned us away, unable to meet his unique needs.  And the one that accepted him soon turned him out because of his disability. It was a race against time. I knew that without immediate childcare, I risked losing my job: our only way forward.

I frantically reached out to every possible solution until I stumbled upon Pinwheel Place. With a trembling voice, I poured out our desperate situation, praying that Pinwheel Place could be our savior. Could they take in my son? Would they be able to provide the care and support he so desperately needed? I remember holding my breath as I  anxiously awaited their response. 





Then, like a lifeline tossed to a drowning person, they responded with kindness and understanding. Pinwheel Place opened its heart and doors to my son. They offered a potential haven for my son until he turned three and qualified for special needs preschool. Pinwheel:  a glimmer of hope in a truly desperate time of my life. 


With a mixture of relief and anticipation, I did what I could to prepare my son for this new chapter. As we stepped through the doors of Pinwheel Place, my heart was heavy with both fear and excitement. I watched my son closely, hoping and praying that he would adjust well to this new environment. I believed he was in capable hands, but the anxiety of the unknown was difficult. Would he overcome his challenges and thrive in this nurturing space?  Could he adapt to the routines and the new faces?

Slowly, the days turned into weeks, and Pinwheel Place became a sanctuary of care for my special little boy.  The caring staff and volunteers at Pinwheel Place poured their hearts into providing him with the one-on-one attention he needed. They patiently guided him through his struggles, helping him find comfort and support. My son's behavior began to change, and the weight on my shoulders eased ever so slightly.

Every day brought new discoveries and small victories, filling me with a mixture of relief and pride. My son's resilience and progress were the ray of sunshine I needed to end this difficult chapter of our lives. The suspense slowly transformed into hope, knowing that he was in the right place to grow and thrive. Field trips were a source of both joy and anxiety. Watching my son embrace the world around him with wonder brought tears to my eyes, yet each adventure was a test of strength for both of us.

As the months passed, my son turned three, and the suspense shifted to anticipation. He was ready for the next step in his journey, one that Pinwheel Place had helped pave the way for. The love and care he received at Pinwheel Place became the foundation for his growth, and I will forever be grateful for their role in our lives.

Now, as we step into the next chapter, I am hopeful that the progress he made at Pinwheel Place will continue to shine brightly in his future. Though the journey remains challenging, I know we can face whatever comes our way with love,  strength, and determination. And as we venture forward, I hold onto the belief that with the support of compassionate souls like those at Pinwheel Place, we can conquer the uncertainty that life throws our way.

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