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Imagine Their Stories

Families like the ones below are the families that you  help with your donations. You changed their story. 

Through the eyes of a child:

I was almost three years old when everything changed. My little sister Nina had just turned one, and since her birthday, our lives had taken a drastic turn. We had to leave our old home, and my mom said we had to move to a place she called a "hotel." But it wasn't like any hotel I had seen before. It was so small with no space for me to play. I missed my old toys and running around.

I didn't see my dad after the night that we arrived at the hotel. I still remember him yelling and being scary towards my mom. Even though this new place felt safer, I missed my old home. Mom told me we were going to Pinwheel Place, a fun-sounding place where I could play while she  went back to school so we could afford to get a bigger space.

When we first got to Pinwheel Place, I was amazed. It was so colorful and had so many toys and books. and I could run around and play, just like I used to. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect, but as I spent countless hours playing with blocks, trains, and superheroes, I grew to love Pinwheel Place. Every day, I was excited for my mom to bring me here, and as soon as we arrived, I would rush to the staff, ready for the adventures that awaited me.



Pinwheel Place was more than just a play area; it was a place that I could learn. I was surprised by how many new words I picked up, which made it easier for me to communicate with my new friends at Pinwheel Place, and also with my mom and sister at home. With my sister and friends, I learned that using my words was way better than using my fists!.



As Nina started walking, she always chased after me, but I didn't mind. At Pinwheel Place, I had learned to be calmer.  It was the best that Nina and I knew who to turn to when we needed help or just a snuggle. Pinwheel Place had become our second home, a place where we felt safe and loved. And as my birthday approached, I couldn't have been happier to celebrate it there with all the staff who had become family to me.



I am grateful for Pinwheel Place, for all the fun, the learning, and the love they gave me. Through the support of Pinwheel Place,  I know that our journey will be filled with happiness and love.

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