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Pinwheel Place (7).png
Pinwheel Place (7).png

Right now, there is a family who doesn't know it yet, but they are going to need this room over the next

12 months....

! (6).png

And that's why we

need YOU!

It’s the comfort of a cozy blanket as a toddler curls up to sleep.



It's the satisfaction of a full belly after having a meal with new friends.



It's the peace of mind of having a safe place to leave your child .



We have all those things that are important to parents/caregivers

while their children are in our care so they can focus on preparing

for a better future for their families



The families are provided emergency child care and basic needs

free of charge

Your support will help us make our space a home for these families during difficult times. Adopt a room today!!

Kitchen - ($450)

Kids Bedroom - ($600)

Basic Needs Room - ($750)

Nursery- ($800) ADOPTED

Calm Room- ($1500) ADOPTED

Infant Toddler Playroom -($2000) ADOPTED

Storage Facility (for large basic need items)- ($3000)

Preschool Playroom- ($5000) ADOPTED 

Backyard Playground

Sponsorship Benefits 
If you or your business sponsors a room you will get:


  • Your name on a plaque next to the room

  • Thank you message on social media channels

  • Thank you message on all open house invitations , newsletter and emails

  • Your name will also be seen by anyone that comes into the house for years to come 

  • We will also do a personal video with before and after views of the room that will be posted on social media and sent to you as a thank you 

Anyone that donates more than $1500 to a room will also get:
  • Named in press releases

  • Logo and link to website posted on our website

  • Pinwheel Partner window decal

  • Name on campaign t-shirt

****Additionally  if your business, group or family would like to adopt a room and be part of the decorating process i.e. painting, floors, purchasing items and setting up the room it would make a great community service project. Contact us at for more details. 

Adopt A Room  With Pinwheel Place 

Pinwheel Place (7).png
Mother and Baby on Floor
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