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A Simple New Year's Resolution 


How are your new year’s resolution’s going? If you haven’t made any or are willing to add one more, we have an idea for a resolution that will help others and maybe bring a smile to your face this time next year. 


 The giving jar fundraiser  is an event everyone can participate in. The giving jar is based on book by Jason F. Wright. In the book, a secret Santa gives a jar of money, which he collects from his spare change, to different people in need every year . He is able to help countless individuals every year and lets people know that they are not alone. In fact, some of those people that he helped paid it forward by giving their very own jar to a family in need the very next year. This is very close to our mission to support families in crisis and hopefully they will pay it forward as well. “The  Giving Jar Project “or “Spare change for a change in a child’s life” as we will call it, is a year-long fundraiser where you put your extra change in a jar to help Pinwheel Place help children at risk of abuse and neglect. If you would like to, you could even add an extra giving to yourself which would be that whenever you put your change in you write down something that made you happy that day or something you or someone else did for you that you really appreciated. By the end of the year, you can go through what you wrote and remember all the good that happened throughout the year that you may have forgotten. We have a special label for the jar and if you would like one please contact us .


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